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A completely different addition to the collection of match 3 games: a brain training number matching puzzle game!

Tentis Puzzle is not a traditional match 3 game. Tentis Puzzle challenges you to THINK. Nothing is better than a good puzzle solved with the force of your BRAIN. Do you have what it takes? Add the Numbers and Match away!


Tentis puzzle takes the classic match-3 formula and transforms it completely with a new very simple mechanic: math! No more candy or jewel swapping, add Happy Numbers instead!


Discover the Minute Mode where you play against the Timer, and where you meet 10 Emotions that change the way you play!


Intuitive and very easy (at first~), but then very challenging (at last~)!

Tentis Puzzle redefines what it means to be a puzzle game. The puzzles are hard yet fair, giving you just enough to solve them. Will you be able to solve all puzzles?


  • Don't miss the fun
  • Tentis Puzzle innovates in two parts: the simple math & match mechanic and the challenging Emotions mechanic! You will meet them after Level 10.

  • Everybody join in!
  • Tentis Puzzle was made especially for adult brains of all ages but also for children 7yo+! To play, you need to know only one thing: how to count from 1 to 10. But don't be fooled by the early simple math. The game will be hard!

  • Free to play
  • Tentis Puzzle and all its functionalities are completely free to play with ads, with the option to remove them (premium remove ads). There are also some in-app purchases for completely optional cosmetic items.

    ◘ THOUGHT with love designed by David Choi / oh beautiful brains

    Release date Aug 30, 2016
    Average sessionA few minutes
    LanguagesEnglish, French, Korean
    AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
    LinksHomepage, Twitter

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