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◘ What's Tentis Minute?

Tentis Minute is a cute mobile puzzle game with numbers.

◘ Yet another mobile puzzle game. Why should anyone care?

Tentis Minute is different. It has something new to offer, both in mechanics and content. It is very likeable and cute, wants to be touched; so that beautiful brains can enjoy a great puzzle game!

◘ How is it different?

Tentis Minute is not the typical matching game of a brainless timefiller. In Tentis Minute, the player will need to have some agency of the numbers. The game will challenge the brain. We made this game because we believe that everyone has a beautiful brain in need of good care and stimulation. Hence the studio "Oh Beautiful Brains".

◘ Who's the target audience?

Anybody who likes number games like us, like Threes or 2048. Also, since Tentis Minute is a match-3 game too, it can be a refreshing take for match-3 afficionados, by mixing the classic formula with numbers. In general, Tentis Minute is for puzzle lovers!

◘ How to play ?

1. The basic mechanic is to match 3+ cards, but instead of swapping any candy or jewels, we add numbers, up to 10, which is the maximum. Hence "Tentis". Very simple.

2. The numbers can have special identities, that will alter the layout of the board with extra challenges. For instance, there is "the Masked" who will hide his real number behind a mask. "the Optimist" will increment his number every time the player makes a move.

3. The player has one minute to score enough numbers to reach Stage 2. At each stage reached, the timer is reset, and the player can choose a power up.

4. There are 100+ power-ups to collect that boost your score and/or alter mechanics. For instance, "Match me if you can" will give back more time per match, and "Elsa, what did you do", will freeze the timer, but will also substract 5 seconds off the timer every time the player makes a move.

This game offers hours of play, and it is not a throwaway minimal game, as we see a lot nowadays. We've worked on this game and its sister game Tentis Puzzle for 3 years. For the pleasure of all brains! We certainly hope players get a good time!

◘ What about business?

The game is completely Free to Play with NO ADS. There are some IAPs for cosmetic items and booster packs, all optional. Tell us how you like this game!

Detailed Features

~ Innovative matching mechanic: updates the classic match-3 formula with very simple math, no more swapping candies or jewels, add Cute Numbers instead!

~ Play against the timer to reach your best Score in ONE minute! And best of all: reach next stage and the timer gets reset!

~ Meet 9 special cards called the Emotions. They have different behaviors that challenge you to play differently as they randomly appear on the grid!

~ Think out of the box and collect 100+ power ups that enable you to reach new heights in Score and Fame among your friends! (GameCenter enabled)

Release date Feb 14, 2017
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French, Korean

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